Friday, June 8, 2012

About Max Fish in Asbury Park

The Post has a feature today on the Asbury Park branch of Max Fish... which includes this "tale of the tape" ...

The article quotes Deb O'Nair, one-time keyboardist for the Fuzztones who now spends time in Asbury Park.

"The days I was hanging out in [Manhattan’s] Max Fish, it was all artists and musicians. Now that neighborhood feels like a big NYU dormitory."

Meanwhile, Max Fish owner Uli Rimkus doesn't have much to say on the future of the original bar on Ludlow Street.

"Right now, I'm surviving day by day," she says. But at least she isn't worried that her new neighbors will call in complaints to 311 this summer. Pointing toward the ocean, she says, "They're fish."

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Crazy Eddie said...

We ARE fucking pissed-signed Charlie the Tuna and Baron Barracuda.

Goggla said...

I trekked out to the new AP location of Max Fish and it's really nice. Anyone looking for a pleasant day trip to the beach really should give it a try. The covered patio with a view of the ocean is heavenly.