Monday, June 18, 2012

Atlas Barber School space on the market

Jeremiah Moss first reported that the Atlas Barber School closed on Third Avenue at the end of May... As he noted, the landlord jacked up the rent to $11,000 a month — a little much for a barber shop charging $5 a haircut. (Read his post on the place and its history here.)

Meanwhile, the listing for the space is online now... the rent is $11,250 ...

Per the listing: "No Cooking or conflicting uses."

Meanwhile, WalkerMalloy also has a listing for the corner space at East Ninth Street ...currently the travel agency... the space is $13,600. Same deal: "No Cooking or conflicting uses."

Back to Jeremiah's May 30 post:

After all, Astor Place is changing — a shiny new tower is coming, and shiny new towers bring shiny new people who want all things to be shiny and new. As [Sheila Gray, director of Atlas] noted to me, Atlas and the East Village Cheese shop are the only old-school businesses left on the block — now the cheese stands alone and we have to wonder for how much longer.


glamma said...

Don't you touch my EV Cheese!

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

EV Cheese is an irreplaceable institution.

Goggla said...

If EV Cheese goes, I'm declaring war.


Awesome! I'm hoping a new Chase bank opens here. It's more convenient for me to have them on ALL FOUR corners of this block! Sometimes, I just don't FEEL like walking North, South, or East.

But seriously, here we go again. Forcing out a variety of businesses with large rent increases so the chains can swoop in with their deep corporate wallets.

Let's start a pool - Starbucks, Duane Reade, 16 Handles, or Subway?


Anonymous said...

"no cooking or conflicted uses."

Anonymous said...

When I heard that Atlas Barbering School had closed down, I didn't believe it!!! How, why... Was running through my mind, then when I read the story, $11,000 a month rent hike, OMG, Landlords are amazing!!! Atlas you will be missed, I'm a graduate from Atlas and I just want to say thank you!!!!