Saturday, June 9, 2012

[Updated] Report: 31-year-old man stabbed to death on East Fifth Street

[Reader submitted]

Multiple readers have noted that the NYPD has continued to block off parts of Avenue C this morning. According to Gothamist, a 31-year-old man was stabbed to death. "[T]he incident happened before 3 A.M. in front of 737 East 5th Street. Police found the 30-year-old victim unconscious and unresponsive with a stab wound to the chest."

The address is between Avenue C and Avenue D.

More information to follow as it become available.

Gothamist reported that the stabbing is being treated as a homicide. This will mark the first homicide in the 9th Precinct in 2012. According to CompStat, there was one homicide in the 9th Precinct in 2011. (Most current CompStat report is here — PDF)

Updated 10:40 a.m.:
Avenue C and East Fourth Street and Fifth Street are back open, EVG reader AC points out...

AC said that detectives are going door to door now on Avenue C.

A crime scene unit remains on the scene.

Updated 6:51 p.m.:

FOX News is reporting this:

Police said the victim was part of a dispute between his aunt and her boyfriend.

According to authorities, the boyfriend fled the scene after the stabbing and are looking for him.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).


Crazy Eddie said...

This ain’t Murray Hill. Repeat. This ain’t Murray Hill. Yet.

Jeremiah Moss said...

seems like you're reporting more and more of these stories. is there an uptick in the EV?

Anonymous said...

I really wish the NYPD and EMS would pick up their trash and throw it away properly or take it with them to dispose of elsewhere. Seeing the gloves on the street is an insult to the victim.

EV Grieve said...

There was the stabbing last week that left the puddle of blood next to the Fine Fare... and a few weeks ago a man was shot in the leg at the Wald Houses.

Per the 9th Precinct's Community meeting on May 15 — "Commander Cappelman reported that in the last 21 days crime is down for the most part 13%. As far as crime goes we are doing “very well”. Crime is down 30% from last month."

KairosKim said...

Very sad and upsetting.
Someone recently left a candle near the blood stain.
@Anon11:32 - I agree: those gloves are beyond the pale, disrespectful to the bereaved and bad infection control - but again unless one has had the disturbing experience of hauling a bleeding corpse to the morgue hard to judge the public service peops.

Anonymous said...

The reports of the East Village's demise are greatly exaggerated. It's still gritty and dangerous. Anyone who longs for the 'good old days' of daily stabbings and shooting galleries are delusional.

Anonymous said...

Avenue D resident here. The uptick, I think, is per usual as the weather gets warmer. There have also gunshots at the Wald houses for the past few weeks -- NYPD just disassembled that surveillance tower thing last weekend. Word on the street is the guy who was stabbed had been trying to break up a fight. Thoughts are with his family.

John M said...

Agree with Anon, the weather sees more people out and more bad behavior. One murder in 2012? One in 2011? Really? Not that I have any evidence to the contrary, but that seems incredibly tame, even in the new East Village theme park, frat boy home of the New New York.

Anon 1:18...of course, tilting at a straw man there. Nobody wants to go back to the violent and lawless old days. There must be another way to scare all these Carries and Niedermiers back home....