Friday, May 10, 2013

A new location for Ba on East 14th Street

Last month, Ray's East Side 99-cent store on East 14th Street closed following a large rent hike. However, Ray had already secured a new location, moving around the corner where he set up shop in the base of the Copper Building last fall.

Unfortunately, there wasn't room at the new location for Ba, the nice fellow who ran a sliver of a shop in part of the East Side 99¢ space. Ba, a Senegal native, who sold socks, gloves, batteries and phone chargers, among other items, was in limbo.

However, EVG reader Mike notes that Ba has a new space...

...just up the block on East 14th Street ... where he selling his wares from outside the shoe repair shop by the post office between Avenue A and First Avenue...

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