Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend recap: 'Bloom 62' announces itself at the former Cabrini Center

In case you missed our post on Saturday... the luxury apartment building that is replacing the former Cabrini Center on East Fifth Street and Avenue B has a name: Bloom 62 ... "The right place to plant your roots."

A banner ad went up Friday. And there's now a website with this marketing copy:

It sounds impossible: a fully-appointed luxury building has sprouted in the beating heart of the East Village. A 24-hour doorman greets you before work in the morning, after returning from a cafe in the evening and when heading out to Tompkins Square Park on the weekends. You'll have every modern convenience, from a gym to a roof deck to in-unit laundry, on the same streets where names like The Ramones, Warhol and Hendrix and [sic] paved the history of this neighborhood for years to come.

Reader reaction included:

Woo Generation said...
I don't know what Ramones and those other things are. How close is 13th Step?

Anonymous said...
I know someone who died in there. I could never live there. They look like prison cells with windows and rooms brightened with Photoshop.

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Makeout said...

Will the Doorman pour you into bed when you come home shitbombed?

Groovybeans said...

A dear friend of mine worked there for years. It was not so long ago that she tearfully recounted the horror of watching frightened seniors being displaced and scattered to the far corners of the outer-boroughs. One wonders if the entitled upper classes who will nestle in these spanking new "hip" East Village luxury apartments have any idea of the site's history. Or if they even care.

I imagine the building's new name may be a nod to the Mayoral administration that has allowed this kind of continued disenfranchisement in the name of "luxury living." Despicable.

Anonymous said...

...it's a sad day for area seniors, Cabrini going under. But if you are reading this thread, you already knew that.

I'd like to add though, that there is a good, new facility in the West Village called Village Care...a rehab but seems to have a long-term component. Across from Film Forum on W. Houston.

An elderly friend (who did a long-term rehab at Cabrini) is there now. An option, at least.


The Devil is hoeing a lovely little spot in Hell where Ben Shaoul can someday put down his roots.

Philosophical Zombie said...

May the new tenants enjoy the lingering spirits of the demented and the incontinent