Wednesday, May 22, 2013

At the Mary Help of Christians rally this evening

[Photo by Crazy Eddie]

Various community groups and residents came together for a rally tonight at Mary Help of Christians Catholic Church on East 12th Street ...

Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation Executive Director Andrew Berman (pictured) has said that there is plenty of open space on this parcel for a new residential complex, and that the existing properties "would be great candidates for adaptive re-use."

We'll have a report on the rally in the morning.

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Permits filed to demolish Mary Help of Christians church, school and rectory


Anonymous said...

look, we have enough goddamn churches in this neighborhood who contribute nothing but their superstition and pay no taxes. I say rip them down and put in parks and sports and youth facilities. we don't need churches here we need organizations that do something progressive.

Anonymous said...

waaaaaay too late to save the church.

Dave on 7th said...

the sale of this church paid for the restoration of St Brigids. Count on it. Lucky we didn't lose both.

EV Grieve said...

@ Dave on 7th

I thought that it was Matt Dillon?

Anonymous said...

Don't tear it down! It would make an awesome nightclub!


Crazy Eddie said...

"Don't tear it down! It would make an awesome nightclub!"

Slimelight 2.0!