Friday, May 31, 2013

Now under wraps: The Tompkins Square Park pop-up piano

[Bobby Williams]

As noted Wednesday, the Sing for Hope Pianos return to NYC streets and public spaces tomorrow ... and we'll have one in Tompkins Square Park... and said piano arrived yesterday, and a resident immediately complained about how many parking spots this was taking up.

Students from P.S. 34 designed the TSP piano:

Our design was inspired by the composition notebooks we use in school. The front and back of the piano show the notebook cover, the sides are notebook paper and the legs of the piano are pencils. You will also notice that on the side panels of the piano, we have written "hope" in various languages.

The piano is expected to be in the Park through June 16, when it will apply for a beer-wine license followed by a sidewalk cafe then full liquor.



Chad said...

Loved the strikethough comments. Hilarious!

bj said...

Love your blog. Read it daily, often more!

John said...

It looks like there's something green under the plastic cover, maybe a giant TD Bank logo?