Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More details released about the CBGB Music & Film Festival this October

From the EV Grieve inbox...
For four decades, the name CBGB has been synonymous with all musical genres emerging from the indie and punk underground. This year, CBGB will be breaking more new ground with the expansion of the CBGB MUSIC & FILM FESTIVAL, a five-day festival/conference.

This will take place Wednesday, October 9 to Sunday, October 13, 2013 within NYC's rich and varied music venues throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Landmark Sunshine Theater on E. Houston St. will serve as the conference and film festival hub.

The new CBGBers haven't announced any acts yet. But that number is expected to be... 525 bands, 100 film screenings and 40 seminars ... there is ticket information, which you can find here.

And here's a snappy video about the festival...


Media glut said...

Rock & Roll even more boring than folk music,

vzabuser said...

This is another bank-financed Festival.
I'm seeing these kind of events more and more.
Someone comes up with a clever idea for a festival and sells it to a financier. Instead of attendees, you get endless promotional giveaways of free tickets to insiders. Meanwhile the events themselves are priced above usual events at the venue selected. Attendance is poor- but the bank financing it doesn't care, as 2 million for a festival is nothing compared to the money these fraudsters extract from our real economy daily.