Friday, May 10, 2013

Lula's Sweet Apothecary is currently closed for a 'reorganization'

A reader who lives above Lula's Sweet Apothecary on East Sixth Street noted that the popular vegan ice cream shop was not open this past weekend. (They are currently in winter hours — Thursday through Sunday.) Lula's was also closed last evening.

There's no message on their website or social media sites. Per their last tweet on May 2:

However, there is an outgoing phone message, which states:

We are "currently closed as we undergo a reorganization. We hope this matter is resolved quickly so that we can reopen soon."

In January, the Post reported on the apparently bitter divorce between Derek Hackett and Blythe Boyd, the couple who opened Lula's in 2008. They were divorced last year.

Per the article:

[E]arlier this month, Hackett filed papers in Manhattan Supreme Court demanding the business be dissolved because Boyd is hoarding the profits for herself.

Hackett claims that his ex-wife has completely frozen him out of the business despite their equal ownership and that profits are tanking, court papers show.

“Boyd has substantially cut the hours of the retail location during the busiest season, the late spring and summer months, and as such continues to operate to the detriment of the shareholders.”

However, Boyd told the Post "that she did all the work — and that Hackett just reaped the profits and used them to pay his rent."

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Victoria said...

Nooooo! Just as summer is approaching. Please open soon Lula!

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Vegan ice cream? Apothecary suggested to me that they were dispensing sweetened medications -- a spoonful of sugar helps it go down and all.

faces said...

oh god, no

Anonymous said...

Get your shit together and stop depriving us of your delicious ice cream!!!