Friday, January 13, 2017

A new community arts and performance venue on 8th Street and Avenue B

Starting in early December, the former yoga studio in the basement of 295 E. Eighth St. (this building) at Avenue B was transformed into Planeta Space.

Per their website, Planeta Space "is a community arts and performance venue focused on multidisciplinary collaboration within the fields of digital media, virtual reality, architecture, and music."

The space is part of Planeta, a research-and-development studio that works on applications for mobile devices and virtual reality.

This weekend, Planeta is hosting an exhibition of young Nicaraguan artists (Saturday at 6 p.m.) and a "KID'S Disco (Sunday at 4).

Check out Planeta's Facebook page for more upcoming events.


Pinch said...

Interesting regarding the history the building

Anonymous said...

These people are the worst of the wave of entitled to come to the neighborhood. Schnabel spawn. No regard for their neighbors. I miss Guy and the yoga studio.

Anonymous said...

entitled? they seem to be doing a lot of interesting (and free) programming. was the yoga free? seems like a good addition to the neighborhood.