Wednesday, January 25, 2017

There goes 'Othello'

[Photo by Derek Berg]

The 8-week run of "Othello" starring David Oyelowo and local favorite Daniel Craig ended last week at the New York Theatre Workshop on Fourth Street.

The signage came down today... as the company prepares for its next production — "The Object Lesson."

Tickets were hard to come by for this well-regarded version of "Othello." I was curious to see it. (But not this curious.)

Rejected headlines:
There (Ia)goes Othello


Cosmo said...

"There (Ia)goes Othello"

Har har!

Gojira said...

Tried to get tickets several times and wound up referring to it as "No-thello". Hoping it comes to Broadway, as rumor has it. (Still wonder if that guy in the snow storm got in; I hope he did.)

cmarrtyy said...

An Observation of Irony

Our New York theater community especially off Broadway is considered progressive/liberal. They produce plays about the abused - income inequality, racial inequality. They even offer Rush tickets for $20.00 if you're willing to wait on line. Power to the people. Theater for the masses. Theater for the 99%. Great idea. I took advantage of it for years. But in the age of greed, cellphones and Apps, our progressive/liberal theaters think differently about the poor. Starting this year most off Broadway shows now make their Rush tickets available on line. And you have to enter a lottery. Which means you have to have a smart phone and a credit card or you can't put yourself into the lottery and compete with people who might live in California and are coming to town. Poor people generally can't afford smart phones. Poor people generally don't have credit cards. Maybe what I'm trying to say and I really don't want to say is that the snobs who run these theaters - The Shakespeare Festival and New York Theater Workshop - don't care because... well... maybe they're a little bit selfish. Ok, a whole lot selfish and think that computers are the new democracy. But what is even more disturbing about our 2 great theater in the EV is that they think their shows are worth more than $20.

Cosmo said...

@cmarrtyy -

This is something that's been happening with other businesses as well, and it really bothers me. There are a few places in the neighborhood now that do not accept cash, cards only. That, to me, is discriminatory as it weeds out a certain portion of the population. I suppose it's easier for the businesses to do their accounting, or to be safe and not have cash on hand in the store, but at what price?

cmarrtyy said...


I'm not a paranoid but the problem with all these businesses turning to digital accounting is that they expose our accounts. And since most are small businesses, how safe are their systems. If Target, Kmart, Citibank... my account at the Times was hacked several years ago... what chance does a small business stand. VERY LITTLE. And you're right it's discriminatory. WE'LL ALL BE VICTIMS SOON.