Saturday, January 7, 2017

The 1 person in line at 10 am in the snow for 'Othello' cancellation tickets

The sold-out, two-month run of "Othello" starring David Oyelowo and Daniel Craig ends on Jan. 18 at the New York Theatre Workshop on Fourth Street... one way to get a ticket: show up for the cancellation line at least two hours before a given day's performance... this theatergoer arrived four hours early in hopes of a seat... (not sure if he was successful)

Photo by Derek Berg


Anonymous said...

F yes! way to go! hope he got one!

Anonymous said...

like this guy's style! good luck mister!!

Anonymous said...

Well if he got in he would not be disappointed by Craig not showing up in the storm because Craig only has to walk a few blocks from his EV home to the theatre. He is one of those types of actors that nothing deters. A talented and likeable man which we all like having as a neighbor.