Thursday, January 19, 2017

You will still have a few more seasons to enjoy the East Houston Reconstruction Project

Here's part of an EVG post from Jan. 15, 2016:

Anytime that you've tried to cross East Houston from Avenue A west to the Bowery these past, oh, six years, you've probably wondered, When, dear [____], will this construction ever end?

To answer that very broadly — sometime this year. Probably!

Anyway, one year later, word comes that the already-delayed project has a new completion date — summer instead of the spring.

Here's DNAinfo with more:

The Department of Design and Construction is now in the final stretch of the years-long overhaul of the thoroughfare as workers prepare for the installation of a new water main near the Bowery intersection and the construction of a pedestrian island at Second Avenue, according to a DDC spokeswoman.

Officials initially anticipated a spring completion date for the work, but the department ran into delays due to interference with existing underground wiring while preparing to install the 20-inch water main west of Chrystie Street.

The East Houston Street Reconstruction Project newsletter (PDF here) also notes something about the addition of a "safety island" (no word on rents here) for East Houston and Second Avenue.

The DDC started this project in June 2010, reconstructing/replacing combined sewers, trunk main, water mains, catch basins, fire hydrants, sidewalks, etc., etc., along East Houston Street, from the Bowery to the FDR Drive.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less... The flying cars will be here any day!

Gojira said...

CitiCars? OhmiGod, no!!!

Anonymous said...

Charlie Foxtrot.

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They have won. We no longer care.