Friday, January 27, 2017

Office space on St. Mark's Place back on the market and still ghost free

Back in July 2014, a unique "for lease" sign arrived for the basement office space at 92 St. Mark's Place just east of First Avenue.

Among other amenities, the sign boasted that the office had "Real see-thru windows" ... "Real walls!" ... and! "No ghosts!"

Well, the sign has returned...

And there still aren't any ghosts...

As I recall, this space was off the market for a long while after the fire on the first floor in August 2014.

H/T @aureliovoltaire


blue glass said...

real see-through windows?
as opposed to?

Anonymous said...

I ain't afraid of "no ghosts"!

Marty E. said...

Three Doors.....Down?

Sorry. Had to.