Tuesday, January 10, 2017

About Patisserie Florentine, now open on 10th Street

[Image via Instagram]

Patisserie Florentine is in soft-open mode now at 280 E. 10th St. just west of Avenue A.

This is the second location for the bakery. The first opened in Englewood, N.J., in 2013. The bakery is owned by brothers Tomer (the chef) and Itay (the accountant) Zilkha.

Itay Zilkha shared more about what to expect on 10th Street.

"We are most known for our almond croissant, by far our best seller in Englewood, and we hope to become a destination for pastry lovers in the East Village," he said via email.

Unlike the well-regarded New Jersey location that has a full bistro menu, the 10th Street space will be limited to baked goods, made on the premises, and coffee. (There is a more limited menu and hours for now during their soft-opening phase.)

So why the East Village for PF's second location?

"We love the vibe and we love the people," Itay said. "We believe that the East Village can accommodate the biggest range of food styles as a result of the large demographic mix in the area and the residents' open-minded approach. It is important for us that our guests enjoy the 'neighborhood feel' in our store same as we managed to deliver at our store in Englewood."

And you'll likely recognize a familiar face at the bakery. Guy Jacobovitz, who ran Cafe Silan in this space until last summer, has partnered with the brothers to run the East Village store.


Anonymous said...

I'll be right over! Sounds yummy. Good luck to them!

Anonymous said...

Almond croissant - please, just please, do not cover it with dark chocolate. If you do, it will only make it that much better.

Anonymous said...

The almond croissants are actually the best thing I have ever tasted. I brought a whole box to my office, and everyone agreed - the best they ever had! So glad they are in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

@3:53, if they start having dark chocolate covered almond croissants, your "whole box" will not make it to the office. Gauranteed!

p.s. umm... where do you work? Just in case, you know, like, there may be some leftovers? :-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the neighborhood!
A wonderful addition.

- East Villager

KT said...

Welcome to the neighborhood!!!

Ike said...

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

I know Guy from Cafe Silan. He's a cool dude and will most definitely make this new venture a warm place to visit. Best of luck to all of them...