Thursday, January 12, 2017

New mural in the works for Houston and the Bowery

[Photo from yesterday morning]

After nearly a five-month run, workers have started removing the stenciled tapestry by Logan Hicks at the Houston/Bowery Mural Wall.

According to BoweryBoogie, the Spanish street-art duo Pichi & Avo will begin a new mural here at the end of the month (weather permitting).

Here's a sampling of their work from Lisbon in 2014...

[Image via]


Anonymous said...

Nice bland, nonconfrontational mural.

F UCK these hipsters and "street artists".

I wanna see an anti-Jared Kushner mural up there stat!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it! I saw their work in Lisbon in 2014 and was quite impressed.