Friday, January 13, 2017

Reader report: Concern over lax stray voltage warnings on East Village streets

An EVG reader shared these three photos from several side streets...

Per the reader: "One of these pictures represents a tow zone. The other two represent a Con Ed shock warning that could electrocute you, your child or your dog. Can you tell the difference?"

[4th Street east of Avenue B]

[5th Street between A and B]

[2nd Street east of Avenue B]

Back to the reader:

"Minimal snow fall each winter brings multiple shock warnings to the East Village yet Con Ed refuses to adequately warn the public despite numerous requests, protests, City Council hearings, injuries, deaths and lawsuits.

"The problem is that no one walking up and down the block (or in and out of those buildings) with their kids or dogs has any idea that they are walking into an electrical hazard that could shock or kill them. All they see is the same caution tape used to signal wet paint or parking restrictions."

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Anonymous said...

Con Ed representatives, Community Board 3 and area residents held a meeting a few years ago to discuss this ongoing problem. Con Ed resolved to begin using new signage to identify areas of shock hazard that clearly aren't being used currently- what's up Con

The cones used to indicate these areas are criminally inadequate- no one has any idea they are walking through a shock hazard area.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that no enterprising makers have not turned that into a "free electricity" thing, or, into some kind of street art thing. I guess there ain't no creativity in the EV no more.

Anonymous said...

I give up - which is which?

Con Ed's motto is "we're on it" - but it's actually the rest of us who are (usually unknowingly) WALKING ON IT in some dangerous area that is not clearly marked.

DeBlasio, Trump, Kushner, Con Ed, etc. - we're in the age of "nobody gives a shit about actual residents". It's all about how rich those in power can get. Everyone in authority is distinctly out-of-touch and out-to-lunch when it comes to dealing with the everyday issues of ordinary people in NYC. And I do believe it'll all get even MORE dysfunctional over the next few years, b/c our "elected officials" seem to answer only to those who give them large sums of money - the ultimate "pay to play".

Garrett said...

Dog owners should turn around or cross the street when they encounter stray voltage warnings. It is not safe for your dog to walk between cones -- your feet are insulated, your dog's paws are not. Dogs from the dog park have been shocked, killed, heart stopped, in these pathways that Con Ed leaves open

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is worrisome. Don't forget Jodie Lane, everyone!

Anonymous said...

@11:00am: Yes, exactly.

@:47am: Please google "Jodie Lane" before you cavalierly and/or humorously refer to "street art" and "creativity."