Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Report: City's 1st solar-powered bus stop back in the dark on Avenue C

The city's first solar-powered bus shelter has gone dark after just nine months in operation, DNAinfo reports.

And it only took seven years to get any kind of lighting here at the southbound M9 bus stop on Avenue C and East 16th Street. The shelter has been dark since 2009, when a Con Ed crew reportedly disconnected lights from its power source.

The solar-powered lights were part of a pilot program. Per DNAinfo:

Lawrence Scheyer, a Stuy Town resident and Community Board 6 member who had campaigned for years to get lights at the bus stop, said he's frustrated the city's fix fell apart so quickly.

“I was happy to see a creative solution, but disappointed that it only lasted a few months until the lights failed,” he said.


Scheyer said the area’s relative lack of lighting and the use of Avenue C by Con Ed trucks makes it a danger to anyone on their way to wait for a bus — including his wife, who was almost run over by trucks there.

In 2013, a Con Ed truck fatally struck 88-year-old Stella Huang as she crossed East 16th Street, a tragedy that many blamed on the area’s poor lighting.

Image via Google Street View

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