Thursday, January 5, 2017

That new old look at 2A

EVG reader Heather shared these photos from yesterday... showing the work continuing outside 2A on Avenue A and Second Street...

We've actually heard from quite a few curious readers in recent months about the ghost signage. Per Heather: "I hope these vintage glass ads are a beautiful discovered jewel from the past and not a horrible re-branding of the bar."

These are actual signs from a long-ago business here that sold children's clothing and novelties... They were first discovered late last spring when the roll down gates needed to be replaced. (See our post here from May.) And the folks at 2A said that the ghost signage will remain part of the bar's renovated facade.

The building at 25 Avenue A was built in the late 1860s ... and was first the home of the Teutonia Savings Bank. Read more about the history at Daytonian in Manhattan.

2A opened in 1985.


Anonymous said...

Great signage. And good news for a change.

Kudos to 2A for leaving some historic aura in the 'hood when so many others are destroying it.

Anonymous said...

Love that this place is still open. Great spot.

Jill said...

What a fantastic history what with the woman of changing hair and tailor gambling rings. Would make a great movie. too bad these idiots destroyed the lower level historic architecture but at least now are willing to keep the old signs.

Anonymous said...

Malin is a good dude who seems to respect and care about the neighborhood. Sometimes they get a little too "faux" rock n roll and glossy and I'm hoping they don't ruin the character of this building and bar.