Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day of Ray lineup set

We'll have more later this week on the Day of Ray, coming this Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. at Sidewalk on Avenue A and Sixth Street...check out the flyer designed by Jennifer Schindelar....

And here's the lineup...

NOON - Luigi Babe

12:15 - Reww

12:25 - Marilyn Kirby

12:40 - 5 minute video by Pam Kray

12:50 - Bowery Boys (Joff solo set)

1:05 - (comedian) Andrew Lisa

1:15 - Shaker Pegs

1:35 - Elastic No-No Band (Justin solo set)

1:50 - (comedian) Steve Bossous

2:00 - Mike Winkler

2:15 - A Brief View of the Hudson

2:30 - Jordan Levinson

2:50 - East River String Band

3:10 - Bill Murray Experience

3:30 - (comedian) Johnny Lanzilloto

3:40 - Nobody Can Dance

4:00 - Joe Yoga

4:15 - Master Lee

4:35 - The Fools

4:50 - Daniella, Our Lady of Perpetual PMS

5:00 - Jessica Delfino

5:15 - Toby Goodshank

And, you know, there's a Save Ray's Twitter feed, which will have the latest updates...

And there's the Save Ray's Facebook page...

And thanks to Lilly, Haley, Leah, the folks at Sidewalk and everyone else responsible for helping put this benefit together...


Jill said...

I'm very happy they reworded that last part from selling the girls to selling them so you can TALK to them.

Anonymous said...

I recognize one band from that list... I must be out of touch with the East Village or something.

Anonymous said...

The poster is really great. You should post a pdf so it could be downloaded, printed, and posted by your readers.
Print is still a good way to get the "word" around.

chris flash said...

This is an example of community organizing at its finest. In the old days, neighbors helped each other with "barn raisings" -- these days, it's "rent parties" so folks can avoid being evicted.

Way to go Lily and Haley -- you guys really rock!!

EV Grieve said...

Absolutely, Chris... I love that so many people came together for this...