Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is the Copper Building all sold out?

Haven't paid much attention to the Copper Building (ol' Rusty!) on Avenue B and 13th Street since we were, uh, duped by some phonie interior photos in December... I thought about the Big Copper yesterday after seeing it all gleamy in the distance.

So I went to see how many units were still on the market...and after searching, I couldn't find any active listings......there appear to be eight units in contract right now...

Oh, meanwhile, there are some X's on the windows! Something possibly X-Files related about this?


Lisa said...

This used to be the site of a Pioneer Supermarket. Each Pioneer had their own slogan on the facade; this particular branch's was "Where the Elite Buy Their Meat". The few times I went into it in the early 1980s, the whole place reeked of unchanged cat litter, and looked like it had last been cleaned during Calvin Coolidge's presidency. But ya know, I'd still rather see that there than this piece of putrid crap, which fits SO WELL and SENSITIVELY into its surroundings.

Unknown said...

That branch of Pioneer was on the southeast corner of B and 11th, at least that's where it was in 1969. The smell was the same then. I came across this in fact doing a search for that supermarket's name for an article in the first edition of the Wall Scent Journal, published for dogs by ALM Communications (Chicago).