Friday, April 2, 2010

6th Street Kitchen now open

On Sixth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B... According to New York magazine: "After a fifteen-year run in the East Village, the Pan-Asian pioneer O.G. closed in 2008. One of its partners, Chris Genoversa, kept the space and has leisurely been replacing kitchen equipment, ripping out beams and floors, and contemplating what New Yorkers are hungry for in 2010. His conclusion ... 'very homespun, very simple,' with multiculti comfort food and a three-for-$18 assortment of small plates


Ryan said...

Went here for dinner on Friday night. We were walking by and it looked really inviting. Food was great--try the deviled eggs and chorizo sliders. Hostess/manager(?)walked us thru the menu, even told us that we had too many small plates for the two of us. 5 plates, 1 dessert, 4 beers and tip for about 100. Great atmosphere, hope it stays open.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the report, Ryan.