Friday, April 16, 2010

Baggy count

There continues to be a discussion on the noticeable increase of crime and drugs in the neighborhood... Per a reader:

I decided to count the number of little plastic bags I saw on my walk home tonight. From the corner of Ave. A and Houston, to the corner of 8th St. and Ave. B, I counted 39(+, I lost count for a block or two) little bags, roughly three a block. That's on one side of the street, after dark, without bothering to look much beyond my feet.

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Anonymous said...

Baggy update: I just walked down both sides of a block that ends at the NYPD building on 8th and C. In the daylight, looking fairly closely, just on the sidewalk, I spotted 14 baggies. (And, hey!, two with a bit of white powder inside and three with bits of some sort of greenish leafy stuff! Goodness, this is like a combination of bottle collecting and the lottery.)

Interestingly, only two of the baggies had any identifying marks on them--one had pot leaves and the other red dots. The rest of the baggies were clear. A few years ago, there would have been a lot more baggie branding action. I'd guess there's not much competition right now, hence no need to build a brand.

(It's worth noting that I did not find any little baggies of little white tablets. Those were pretty common a few years ago. Methadone tablets? Tablets of something to cut heroin? I can't remember. Regardless, there's apparently less of them going around.)

Anyway, that's the baggie report from Ave. B. for today.