Wednesday, February 2, 2011

35 Cooper Square: Ownership and plans

Roland Li at Real Estate Weekly has the latest details on the future of 35 Cooper Square. Highlights from his article:

• The current owner of 35 Cooper is the Arun Bhatia Development Organization, which has built dorms for the New School and seven condo towers, most recently 139 Wooster Street, and an unnamed partner

Rooftop at 139 Wooster

• They haven't decided whether to demolish the building
• They want an "as of right, mixed-use" building, but haven't decided on specifics
• The entire lot has a buildable up to 28,998 square feet
• More details will be provided in "three or four weeks"

Meanwhile, remember that you can help by signing the online petition, which you can find here.

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Anonymous said...

So what you're trying to write is that this will become a dorm?

Anonymous said...

Sold out by its own patrons to build their school a new dorm. Bravo.

cvinzant said...

You know what would be a nice thing for Arun Bhatia to do for the neighborhood? Just shovel their ice covered sidewalk on 6th. They're already maintaining the property--or at least somebody is sending an exterminator to put in rat traps in the sinkhole parking lot

Bowery Boy said...

Can you safely build on a sink hole? And would that cave in 6th St.?