Wednesday, February 16, 2011

B Bar aiming for sidewalk cafe and takeout window; promise more community discussion

We've been keeping an eye on the construction/renovation on the wall at early Bowery ruiner B Bar at East Fourth Street... According to the DOB, the B Bar is adding "an additional opening in existing exterior wall on Bowery." But! That's just part of it...

Via a post at Grub Street, it appears that the B Bar wants to add a 28-seat sidewalk cafe and a takeout window. The NoHo News blog has the story and details...

NoHo News has an update from Monday evening's CB2 Sidewalk Committee hearing:

"The CB#2 Sidewalk Committee agreed that the B Bar needs to address how they are going to handle the patrons they already have before they are granted public space for even more. That said, Eric Goode has agreed to more detailed discussion regarding the B Bar and its new plans."


Anonymous said...

Why the f do they want/"need" SIDEWALK space when they already have an inside and a huge outside area?


Bowery Boy said...

"...a takeout window." Does anyone know of any other place that serves liquor ever having a takeout window???

Are they just trying to make it easier for hipsters to get drunk, piss and throw up all on the same stretch of sidewalk???

Seems like the very restaurant that started Bowery's rise from a skid row is doing everything it can to return it to that drunken state asap.

Can I get my bloodymary to go in a sippy cup?

Anonymous said...

the application has been, fortunately, DENIED!!