Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Octavia's Porch now coming to your front door

This past weekend, we spotted delivery menus for the newish Octavia's Porch on Avenue B plastered on various apartments buildings on streets running between Avenue A and Avenue C... This is the "Global Jewish" restaurant co-owned by Nikki Cascone from "Top Chef" season four and her husband... (And if you didn't know she was on "Top Chef," it's on the front of the delivery menu...)

One curious note about the delivery area: Delancey to Eighth Street; the Bowery to Avenue D. So if you're living above Eighth Street and are craving, say, gefilte fish or beef and veal kreplach, then you're out of luck on a delivery.


Lisa said...

They'll deliver to Avenue D but not to East 11th Street? It's too much trouble to add 6 blocks to 8th Street to get to 14th and thereby cover the entire East Village? Well the hell with them, they won't be getting a penny of my money.

Speaking of food and restaurants, on an unrelated topic I wanted to give a shout-out to Marty Wombacher, who's quoted in this week's New York magazine Grub Street Digest (p. 47) in a blurb about red honey (ya gotta read it to understand it). As usual, he got a great pun into it. Yay Marty!

Cookiepuss said...

No kidding, really, and she will deliver all the way to Delancy, even in the snow!?

It's a funny thing, and I hate to be the town yenta, but, well somebody's got to do it!, Nikki just happens to be the second cousin of Board Chair Dominic Pisciotta, and well you know he lives over in that direction.

The delivery menu is a little bit different than the regular menu.
I hear that she has actually included rice and beans on the delivery menu, as well as other Loisaida classics, in support of all the people included in the SPURA redevelopment deal.

Marty Wombacher said...

@Lisa: Thanks for the shout-out, I didn't know that was in there (I was too busy reading the porn cover story), I'll check out my copy when I get home!

Lisa said...

@Marty - Hah!

Anonymous said...

@Cookiepuss maybe Nikki Cascone and her husband live in Seward Park. Alot of people bought into that after 9/11 when it was really low to purchase a co-op so no wonder the SPURA plan ended up the way it did. It's a crime really. I do hope that a good fight will continue because after reading about it there's no doubt who the land really belongs to.
Octavia's Porch, never eaten there, never will.
@Marty I'll have to check out the blurb.

Anonymous said...

For those who apparently [don't] know so much about SPURA...and who are geographically challenged...SPURA is BELOW Delancey--not in the delivery area. They'd need to deliver down to E. Broadway to capture Seward Park and BRAD GROSSMAN's 2nd cousin for your theory to float. Maybe you should keep your day job and try not to be the town's yenta. Doesn't suit you well.

It would be great if they delivered further south since their food is so yummy and the co-op is a good demographic for their cuisine.