Monday, February 14, 2011

What we know about 35 Cooper Square right now

Let's get caught up on what's happening at 35 Cooper Square... On Saturday, crews were on the scene to remove asbestos, according to one of the workers who wasn't wearing any protective clothing...

And here's the scene on Sunday....

So the official word from the developer is they're simply removing asbestos. So, let's take that at face value... So where are the notices for asbestos removal? Such as the one here when workers removed asbestos at St. Brigid's?

And where's the asbestos-safe dumpster like the one on the scene last summer outside the Tisch School for the Arts on Second Avenue?

And according to a comment by @Roger_Paw:

I talked to one of the workers [Saturday]. He was locking up the outer shed. I asked him if it were true that they were removing asbestos. He said yes. I asked if the building was going to be demolished and he said yes, in a week. I wanted to make sure I understood so I asked, "OK, so asbestos removal now, demolition in a week?" and he said yes.

So does anyone believe what's going on here? Per commenter Rob: "So even if it's an asbestos abatement it may be a prelim to demolition, and it looks like they haven't complied with the law anyway."


Anonymous said...

Demolition permit is on file at DoB as of this morning, and this Federal-era gem will vanish.

Anonymous said...

Not all asbestos contamination is loose fiber. It can also exist within a number of materials that sufficiently isolate it (e.g., hardened laboratory working surfaces), but still has to be properly removed. Depending on the what the asbestos is located in, this dumpster may be more than sufficient for the task.