Friday, June 15, 2012

Mysterious plywood arrives at Mystery Lot

What is this? A stack of plywoody-looking plywood has arrived at the Mystery Lot...

...and it looks gently used...

Perhaps it's finally the beginning of the beginning of the end of the Mystery Lot... the space will become an 82-unit, eight-story development some day.

First item of business here: Removing the mystery masonry garden wall.

Also, remember... If you see something interesting along here, then please take a photo and send it our way... when the trucks, dumpsters and bendy things arrive in good time, we'll have a post sharing everyone's Mystery Lot shots... You can send them via the EV Grieve email

[And thanks to EVG reader Kim for sending along a plywood shot as well...]


BabyDave said...

Mind if I submit this, which has already been posted (not by me), but has such great truth to it:

Jeremiah Moss said...
a vacant lot is a more interesting space than another shiny condo box. the mystery lot is so called because it is mysterious. there is nothing mysterious about a condo with a Subway and a 7-11 on the ground floor.

and so it's worth mourning.

also, empty lots allow for a sense of openness, sky and light. goodbye to that--and hello to the Awfuls who will be moving in here.

Marty Wombacher said...

Looks like morning wood to me!

Matthew said...

I live just down the street from this lot & love it so, so much - the abandoned Christmas trees (still decaying!), the occasional men in suits who arrive to point at things, and the trees that have sprouted up in the Jefferson's stead.

Also, for those who like to peek. There's a hole in the fence on the 13th street side of the lot. I went in last weekend to snoop around & there are some excellent little treasures poking through the ferns. Best was some old tiling from what I assume was the lobby floor of the Jefferson Theater. Take this opportunity to do some New York archaeology before the fence is re-closed and the awful condo moves in.

For those interested, I host and curate a nyc-inspired live show called On This Island - - it's a kind of Prairie Home Companion, but for the nyc life. I only mention it here because we'll be featuring some photos taken from within the lot & a story that goes along with it. July 1st.

Also, very glad to have discovered this excellent blog.