Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Billy Hurricane's now apparently called Station B

[Photo via @danielpmcd]

We've recently noticed some changes to the exterior of Billy Hurricane's on Avenue B near East Second Street... that neon orange is gone, for starters ... Yesterday @danielpmcd pointed out that the bar has a new name — Station B. No word on any of the Billy Hurricane's social media sites about a name change... back in March, we spotted a listing for bartenders that noted:

Tattooed Bartenders Wanted!
Job Description
Upcoming Lower East Side / East Village Bar w/ Kitchen Looking for some New Staff for New Location!
Bourbon... Beers... Burgers... Blastin' Rock!

What we are looking for...

>> Male or Female
>> Age 21- 31
>> Professional, Reliable & Punctual
>> Experienced (Mixology a Plus)
>> Outgoing & Fun
>> Tattoo'd ( not a unicorn on your ankle kind of tattoo)
>> Non-Complete-Alcoholic


Sammy said...

It'll always be Save the Robots to me.

Anonymous said...

The Idle Hands sign had stayed up and moved over as well as the orange sign being gone. Which made it seem like they just decided to make the whole thing Idle Hands. Judging by the writeup it seems they are going with that theme and just changing the name altogether to re-christen the whole place.

Confusingly, when I walked by the other day, they had hand-painted on the window something about "Billy Hurricane's Enter To The Right!". Not that exactly, but same difference.

Definitely confusing.

But definitely good if they realized the frattiness of Billy's wasn't working and the rock and roll Idle Hands survived.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible, generic name. Idle Hands sounds way better. Station B sounds like some cheesy club in North Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Idle Hands is still in the basement with the entrance on the far left. It's only Billy H that's changing format.

Anonymous said...

Is it legal to post an age range in a help wanted ad? Just wondering.

ericfg said...

anon 4:00

I don't think so. Maybe I should put in an application and sue them for age discrimination when they don't hire me :)