Monday, June 24, 2013

Life-sized silhouette of former homeless man arrives in Tompkins Square Park

The life-sized sculpture of Christopher Gamble's silhouette arrived in Tompkins Square Park this past weekend. French artist Fanny Allié created this in honor of Gamble, who was homeless for nearly 28 years.

As Serena Solomon at DNAinfo reported back in May:

The sculpture will consist of a metal outline of Gamble, according to Allié.

"I like it because it has some hope. It's a positive," the artist said, of the silhouette's open stance with arms outstretch to the sky, like “he is about to fly."

Gamble now lives in an apartment run by the Bowery Residents' Committee.

The sculpture will be up through the summer.

Find an update here.

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