Tuesday, June 25, 2013

3 retail spaces available at 51 Astor Place

The 24-hour public plaza opened last week outside 51 Astor Place... there are more developments to note as well, such as the retail space for the 400,000-square-foot office building.

According to the listing at RKF, there are three retail spaces available:

Space A
Ground Floor 9,217
Lower Level 8,145 SF
Total 17,362 SF

Space B
Ground Floor 3,397 SF

Space C
Ground Floor 2,946 SF

The floor plans give you of better idea of what will fit where...

Not much other information on the listing, aside from "Flagship opportunity" and "incredible exposure to a heavily foot-trafficked area."

The marketing materials also note that there are "35,000 residents under 35 in the immediate area" as well as "53,500 undergraduate and graduate students in the surrounding area."

So what kind of "flagship opportunities" will be realized here?


pinhead said...

"There are a handful of residents over 35, but their needs are well-served by many local pharmacies, wheelchair repair shops, and bingo parlors."

Anonymous said...

"I'm Fumihiko Maki and I'm a famous architect, so I don't have to give a shit how badly I screw up the neighborhood for the next 100 years!"

pinhead said...

"The area's over-35 residents are a stubborn bunch, but we expect most will relocate or die off within the next 6 to 12 months."

pinhead said...

"Opportunities to serve the over-35 market include stores with nostalgia themes, like those selling "books", "records" (music recorded onto plastic music-recording things), or other dusty old stuff."

EV Grieve said...

@ pinhead

I'm pitching a lifestyle concept store called Forever 42 for old people (aka, The Olds).

DM me if you want in on it!

Anonymous said...

(1) Juice Bar
(2) Waxing
(3) Frozen Yogurt

pinhead said...

@EV Grieve

That sounds better than my idea, Support Hose-R-Us. But I don't know what DM is (I'm too old).

Anonymous said...

CitiBong Shop

Bowery Boogie said...

1. Chase
2. Bank of America
3. TD Bank

DrGecko said...

(1) 7-11
(2) Bank
(3) Chain drugstore
(4) 7-11

Oh, damn, that's four, and there are only three spaces available. There's no way to pare this list down, so probably have to take over some other business. How about that bookstore across 3rd Ave? This neighborhood is trending up, and there's no holding it back!!

[This has been a dispatch from Hell. One of a continuing series.]

Anonymous said...

This building is custom built for:

1) Bank of America
2) Duane Reade
3) Who gives a F.

It's over people.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Forever 42 - LMAO!

We don't have enough of these in the immediate area:

Chase bank

EV Grieve said...

@ pinhead

Means Dynamic Meteorology! Duh!

Glenn Belverio said...
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Glenn Belverio said...

A. Logan's Run Carousel catering to residents 35 and over.

B. Processing plant for turning 35 and overs into Soylent Green.

C. Soylent Green™ Fro-Yo Shop

Anonymous said...

only someone over 35 would know those movie references, be careful thet might come for you next.

BT said...

What are the zoned for? A Dos Caminos location would serve the Death Star well.

Jill said...

1. Applebee's
2. Billabong
3. Hard Rock Cafe

Jill said...

And by the way,thank you belatedly for removing the mystery word key that always failed

EV Grieve said...

@ Jill

Oh, that awful CAPTCHA. Will leave it off as long as the spam doesn't attack.

And what about an Egg Shop?

rob said...

1 needle exchange
2 peep show
3 salvation army donation center

rob said...

oh... and a used bottle & can exchange.