Saturday, June 22, 2013

Man with last name of Gomillion tried to rob East Village bank

The NYPD Daily Blotter in the Post today notes a botched robbery attempt at the Chase branch on Second Avenue and St. Mark's Place. A man named Jerry Gomillion, 63, passed a "demand note" to a teller on May 23.

To the Post.

But when the teller, instead of cooperating, showed the note to a co-worker, Gomillion abruptly turned around and fled, perhaps forgetting about the bank’s video cameras.

He was later arrested.


Anonymous said...

I love when names match the person's profession or fate.

I.e., Storm Fields (weather man), Dr. Russell Brain (neurologist), Guy Fieri (Douche bag).

Gojira said...

And let's not forget Anthony Wiener.

rob said...

1:34 -- No comment.

chris flash said...

"Bank robbery" can be better defined as the actions of the bankster cartels vs the communities they inhabit and society at large.

Did Gomillion really attempt to "rob" a bank or was he simply attempting to redistribute the bank's ill-gotten funds????

Anonymous said...

Bank robbers are heros

Anonymous said...

9:16 and 10:16, I assume you keep all your cash in tucked-away spots in your apartments?