Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stupid plywood ruins view of future dorm lot on Cooper Square

[Neerad Jet via Facebook]

We knew that this day was coming... over on Cooper Square at East Sixth Street ... where plans are pending for a now-13-story dorm... we saw the permits on file for a plywood fence to surround the lot where developer Arun Bhatia quickly demolished the historic, circa-1825 building at 35 Cooper Square more than two years ago.

The lot continued to attract an array of graffiti and random piles of junk... now, sadly, as the photo above shows, all this is obscured from our street-level view... the fence is now in place.

Thankfully, we recently took a few photos of the lot...

Now how will we ever know if the weeds are knee high by the Fourth of July?

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Anonymous said...

13 story dorm next to lux hotel on the Bowery = karma

Anonymous said...

would have been cool if more of this weed-documenting energy had gone into capturing more of that nearly 200 year old building. do we really care what happens to be growing there?

EV Grieve said...

@ anon 8:51

Check the EVG archives. We did dozens of posts on the history and demise of 35 Cooper Square.

Makeout said...

That's gonna need some blogging portals. Better give EV holecutter a shout..