Monday, June 24, 2013

Croxley Ales reopens on Thursday

[April 22]

The FDNY evacuated residents from 28 Avenue B on April 16 after debris started falling from the building's fifth floor ... The six-story building that houses Croxley Ales on the ground floor was evacuated about 3:15 p.m. after a crack was discovered running all the way up the back of the building.

Joe Ferrante, an FDNY battalion chief, told DNAinfo that excavation for a 6-floor apartment building next door "possibly contributed" to the damage at No. 28.

In any event, according to the Croxley Ales Facebook page, the bar will be back open Thursday for the first time since April 16.

Per their giddy message:

We have the best news of the SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our grand re-opening is this Thursday! Thank you for your patience! See you soon ale fans!

No word when residents are moving back into No. 28. According to DOB records, there is still a partial Stop Work Order on 26 Avenue B.

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Anonymous said...

Oddly I have seen a light on and an A/C going in the window of the first floor north apartment. I look up at the building whenever I pass it due to the construction problem. I hope that everyone who was inconvenienced due to shoddy work will be greatly compensated.

Anonymous said...

3:49 - Me, too. There is one tenant who has clearly refused to leave, even by the law-mandated evacuation. I'm glad the building did not collapse around him. Even in the first few days after the building was evacuated, he was still in there. You can see the TV on through the window.

Fipper said...

I hope the announcements for the residents are on their way because, if not, that totally will not make sense how the 1st fl will be able to reoccupy but not the floors above it.