Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This morning outside the Blarney Cove

Wasn't sure what to expect walking by after last night's Grand Closing send off... The bar is still standing — at least from the outside.

Someone did remove the Blarney Cove sign that was attached above the door...

Anyone go for the last night?

Many businesses on East 14th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B are either relocating or closing to make way for some yet-unspecified development.

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[Updated with correction] 8-lot parcel of East 14th Street primed for new development

The Blarney Cove will close for good at the end of June


Anonymous said...

Went with some friends last night around 10PM. Ordered a few pitchers and was told "no more draft beer". Ordered bottles they said all we have is bud. After a few of those we were told no more beer, so we switched to whiskey and wine. After that we just deiced to buy a six pack from the deli around the corner and bring it back in.

So all in all, a pretty standard blarney cove night.

R. said...

I was there. The place was packed! We witnessed the taking down of the "Mid-Day Gentlemen's Club" plaque. Sad times. RIP, Blarney Cove!

~evilsugar25 said...

I love that vertical sign outside. Someone needs to preserve that!