Wednesday, June 26, 2013

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

[Whip Man in Tompkins Square Park via Bobby Williams]

There used to be A LOT of bars on the Lower East Side (DNAinfo)

The latest NYC landmarks (Curbed)

Remembering The Christopher Street Liberation Day Rally from 1970 (Dangerous Minds)

About the new sushi place that took the address of the beloved Polonia on First Avenue (Fork in the Road)

A new tenant for the soon-to-be-departed Motor City Bar? (BoweryBoogie)

"Untitled" (1982) by Jean-Michel Basquiat fetches $29 million (Bloomberg News)

Weiner is the new Democratic frontrunner for mayor (Runnin' Scared)

CB3 approves Danny Chen Street co-naming (The Lo-Down)

Looking at the now-shuttered Whitestone multiplex cinema in Queens (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

...and because we like the Empire State Building (mostly!) ... that new video released Monday from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs that 5,000 sites have already posted this week... first band to film atop the Building...


Anonymous said...

Not so sure that Polonia was so "beloved" as much as it was simply "all that was left".
(but yeah, I sure wish they were still here)

Anonymous said...

Whip Man is Adam from the Toilet Boys / Karen Black. He's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Whip-Man is Cardone The Magician.

Anonymous said...

Hey! It's the Great Cardone!

Anonymous said...

Whip Man is Lady Gaga

Anonymous said...

I've watched Whip Man in Tompkins Square park use his whip to snap an object out of a small child's hand. He may know what he is doing, but it is still stupid.

Anonymous said...

Whitestone Cinemas is/was in the Bronx, across the water from Whitestone, Queens.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article in DNAinfo -- "Residents who complain about the Lower East Side's liquor-soaked bar scene may be surprised to learn that there used to be far more bars in the neighborhood — back in 1885."

It's probably true that residents would be surprised to learn anything about this area before they moved in.