Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Something featuring nails coming to 248 E. 14th St.

Renovations continue at the former C & B Convenience Store at 248 E. 14th St., which shut down in June.

Work permits show that a "nail store" is on the way here between between Second Avenue and Third Avenue...

Hopefully the store will carry a decent variety of by-the-pound nails, including spiral shank, roofing and masonry.

OK, more than likely this space will be a nail salon.

Meanwhile next door, as previously reported, a quick-serve restaurant called Poke Kitchen is in the works.


Anonymous said...

A nail salon opening there would be really dumb.

1. The established SpaOlogy salon, one of the nicer nail places around (while still being fairly priced), is directly across the street. SpaOlogy is much bigger than the average salon, too, so it's not like a new place could take its runoff during peak manicure times (and yes there are peak manicure times! shut up).

2. Judging by the small space available here, this would be a cheap manicure chop-shop, and those places never really recovered from the New York Times "Price of Nails" exposé from last year. Many closed and only the cleanest places with better labor practices survived. Even if a new place has both of those qualities, the need for such salons has gone way down.

3. Case in point, Gigi Nails, just up the block (right by the northside 3rd/14th L train entrance), recently closed after at least 15 years (possibly longer).

Maybe open a vape store instead, at least then it will last a year vs. six months

Anonymous said...

I believe it will a store selling artisan made, locally sourced, nails - as in the kind you bang in to things.