Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hot pot switcheroo on 2nd Avenue

An EVG reader shares these photos from over at 97 Second Ave., where coming soon (Aug. 31) signage for Spicy Noodle Hot Pot is up in the window at the current home of Hou Yi Hot Pot...

So apparently there will be a hot pot switcheroo taking place here. The phone number listed for Spicy Noodle Hot Pot is the same as for Hou Yi Hot Pot.

Hou Yi Hot Pot, which also has a spot on Hester Street in the northern fringes of Chinatown, opened here between Fifth Street and Sixth Street in December 2015.

No. 97 is also the address of an ongoing legal battle between now-former landlord Raphael "I will bury you" Toledano and Delshah Capital. (Background here.)

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Enough with the ramen and noodle shit already, jeeze.