Sunday, April 12, 2020

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"I was cast first. And then they told me about this pop star that was just blowing up while [the casting] was happening. Suddenly it was like, “Who’s this beautiful girl singing this pop song?” I remember watching her in the “Lucky Star” video and just going, “Oh my god.” It was electric. Everybody at that time fell in love with her. Including me. I remember her cool outfit — I’d just got one too, and I wasn’t wearing it, but the Agnes B. pencil skirt. Her whole look, with the black rubber bracelets — she just had this whole vibe. She was very much like, [affects Madonna voice], “Hi stranger.” Exactly like it was at the end of the movie" Did you and Madonna get close during filming? "We were very bonded during the movie. Very close during the making of the film. We’ve kept in touch through the years. I have lost touch with her, but a few years ago I went to Madonna’s Oscar party with Laura Dern, and saw her for a minute. The year Guillermo del Toro won. I haven’t seen her since, though. I missed her shows. I wanted to go, but I was out of town." Did you reminisce at all? "No, no. She was in her party mode. We didn’t get a chance to really talk. I see her from afar, like everyone"- @rosannaarquette 🎬❤👑💃 @madonna #madonna #madonnamovies #susan #dss #goodgoingstranger #intothegroove #iconstyle #desperatelyseekingsusan #madonnamusic #queenofpop #madonnastyle #80smadonna #madonna80s #allhailthequeen #madonna80squeen #susanthomas #madonnafans #madonnasrevolution #iconic #bossbitch #madonnaphotos #rebel #madonnapictures #whenmadonnaruledtheworld #desperatelyseekingsusan1985 #80smovies

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If you are a fan of the 1985 Rosanna Arquette-Madonna caper filmed, in part, in the East Village, then this account is for you... you'll find a mix of trivia and anecdotal details about "Desperately Seeking Susan" on this fan site by someone who really likes Madonna.

Also, RIP Mark Blum, who played Arquette's husband, spa king Gary Glass...

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Anonymous said...

And dont forget that LOVE SAVES THE DAY used to be Blimpies wherre I worked when I was a 12 year old boy (and got to see what was put in their Bologna...that's another story...)

Anonymous said...

Desperately Seeking Susan is a classic. Love that film. Wow. Time has went by.