Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Reader appreciation: Abraço

Trevor J. shares this via the EVG inbox...

The last quality coffee shop standing in the East Village? As if their signature espresso and olive oil cake slices weren't enough to maintain a little of the good life at this time, they're bottling cocktails to go and have added breakfast and lunch kits — and an occasional surprise (keep an eye on Instagram).

All available for pickup on East Seventh Street, with an option to order on their website in advance. They went takeout-only before PAUSE, have six-foot markers on the ground, and now accept credit cards.

Abraço is at 81 E. Seventh St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue. They are open Wednesday-Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a 9 a.m. start on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

They are the best!

Anonymous said...

there are lots of great coffee shops near us- B Cup, Taralluci Y Vino, Puerto Rico Coffee, Hi Collar, Everyman, Ninth St. Espresso, Lower East Side Coffee Shop, The Roost, . C+B, The Bean, 787 Coffee, Third Rail, Mud Spot, Coffee Project. Rays Candy Store + Juicy Lucy also have coffee. We are very lucky-you don' t need Starbucks, just saying.

Unknown said...

Abraço is the very best of the city. They started the third wave in NYC back when they opened in 2007. They've given so much back to the community. They're traditionally a cash only, no wifi and no marketing establishment. But they've shown their worth by instituting technology only to give back to the community. Love Jamie and the crew. - Dhaval

xootrman said...

This is a very special place!

Anonymous said...

The only place the councilor will get his coffee!

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't know what a Cortado was if it wasn't for Abraço. Love them!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous "...There are lots of great coffee shops near us-

B Cup - Open
Taralluci Y Vino - Closed
Puerto Rico Coffee - not sure
Hi Collar - Closed
Everyman - Closed
Ninth St. Espresso - Closed
Third Rail - Closed
Mud Spot - Closed
787 Coffee - Closed

No time to look at the others you listed, but you get the picture.

Anonymous said...

Puerto Rico Coffee was open last time we passed by, about a week ago.
787 is closed now? Was open recently.

Eden Bee said...

Porto Rico coffee is open until 5pm.