Tuesday, June 23, 2020

A small business SOS

Save Our Storefronts, a coalition of East Village merchants and community members, recently launched a petition that will help lobby for fair rent relief for NYC small businesses.

We are facing the catastrophic loss of thousands of small and micro businesses, the economic and social cornerstones of our communities.

New York is on PAUSE, but the bills have not paused. The rent has not paused. NOTHING has paused except our ability to survive. Without rent relief, untold numbers of storefronts will shutter. For good. Communities will lose vast numbers of jobs, essential services, vitality and more.

We will lose the very fabric of our city.

You can learn more and sign the petition at this link.


Anonymous said...

I was bummed to see that Albert's Hair Salon vacated their space on 16th and Third. A longtime Gramercy fixture, Albert (along with stylists Julio and Martha) had a shop between 15th and 16th for well over a quarter-century. Then, a decade or so ago, they took the space above Joe Jr.'s; now, it's now vacant, its 'phone disconnected. Hoping Albert finds a place nearby, and soon. He's a great guy, very old-school, and a real asset to the community. If I don't see you again, enjoy your retirement, my friend. And thank you for years of keeping me both soothed and groomed!

Scuba Diva said...

There have already been some huge losses—Gem Spa, anyone?

I will circulate this petition far and wide.

OlympiasEpiriot said...

Signed! Thanks for posting this.

Emily said...

Done, thanks for posting.

Anthony said...

Thank you deeply for promoting what we hope will garner urgent help. Each week we are losing more of the fabric and history and continuity of our neighborhoods. Its been catastrophic already.

Real Estate needs to share in this burden. The State needs to come forth, funds or no funds, ease the real estate tax, and stop the evictions and lease terminations during this period and well into recovery.

NYS undertandibly ordered the shut down, now your constituents are anticipating those we elected to step up and help, now. With real rent relief legislation.

Close to 400 have signed the petition/letter after this one week.

Walking actions are planned to support shop owners. We're taking short video statements (under one minute) telling us your story, and how you are coping with rent demands.
For those very few with understanding landlords cancelling rent or working out reasonable percentage of revenue, wonderful, we need those inspiring stories too.

Please sign the petition.

Put the SOS in your window. Share with those you care for and appreciate. Help this fight for them.

Our State and City Reps have been notified and will be getting the petitions and video clips, and hearing your, our voices.

Keep on. You're not alone. Gratitude. Community.

Shout out for EV Grieve.