Monday, June 22, 2020

First Lamb Shabu has closed on 14th Street

For rent signs hang in the front window at 218 E. 14th St., bringing an end to the short tenure (August 2019) of First Lamb Shabu.

This was the first Manhattan outpost for the Beijing-based hot pot chain that has more than 300 locations in China. (There's also an outpost in Flushing that people like.)

Prior to the start of the First Lamb Shabu build-out in April 2018 (!), the storefront between Second Avenue and Third Avenue had been empty since Dunkin' Donuts decamped for a smaller space on the block in August 2015.

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MrNiceGuy said...

That's a shame -- it was over before it started. I was looking forward to trying them out at least once, d'oh!

Anonymous said...

Honestly it was a weird place. Huge space, few tables, impossible to get a waiter's attention, menus hard to understand. Love hotpot, but only went back once.