Sunday, June 21, 2020

Week in Grieview

[Friday evening along 7th Street via Derek Berg]

Posts from the past week included...

• East Village volunteers expand their outreach to feed more neighbors in need (Thursday)

• At the Juneteenth protest on Astor Place (Friday)

• Michal Gamily’s 'Mashawsha to go' from an East Village fire escape (Wednesday)

• Designer Darrell Thorne is 'Under Glass and In Color' on Avenue A (Tuesday)

• Report: These 12th Street residents are going on 5 months without gas for cooking (Thursday)

• Curb your enthusiasm: A look at more East Village businesses with their doors back open (Friday) East Village businesses reopen their doors for curbside pickup (Monday)

• Tech hub nears halfway mark (Monday)

• Essex Card Shop is moving to a new space on Avenue A (Tuesday)

• Popeyes getting nearer to unleashing the chicken combo deals on 1st Avenue (Wednesday)

• More prep work for incoming St. Mark's Place office building (Monday)

• Fortnight Institute leaves 4th Street (Wednesday)

• Drivers keep moving, and now breaking, the Open Streets barricades on Avenue B (Friday)

• I Need More will close next month (Friday)

• Ninth Street Espresso (on Ninth Street) reopens (Monday)

• Merry June 17 (Wednesday)

• This week's NY See panel (Thursday)

• Julie's Vintage has closed (Thursday)

• Re-openings: Juicy Lucy returns to 1st Street (Thursday)

• Ramen and dim sum for 9th Street (Tuesday)

• That new store in town (Monday)

... and by yesterday, the mannequin on Seventh Street was put to work (thanks to Eden for the photo!)...


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noble neolani said...

I suspect that mannequin had a career as an under garment model.