Monday, June 22, 2020

East Village Postal's raffle raised more than $20,000 for BLM-related charities

[Photo at East Village Postal by Stacie Joy]

The community raffle organized by East Village Postal at 151 First Ave. ended right before midnight this past Saturday.

And the raffle's $5 tickets were a hit, raising more than $20,000 for Colin Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Camp and the Equal Justice Initiative.

The shop reported on the results yesterday in an Instagram post...

Prizes included gift cards and other items from local businesses that included East Village Organic, Flower Power Herbs & Roots, Veselka, Takahachi, Mr. Throwback, Superiority Burger, Abraco and Azaleas, among many others.


Anonymous said...

Thank you EV Postal for featuring all the good of our neighborhood, and thinking beyond ourselves. I really appreciate the efforts made and how it includes and serves all! Really beautiful. xox

sophocles said...

Nice work East Village Postal!