Friday, June 19, 2020

Curb your enthusiasm: A look at more East Village businesses with their doors back open

[Trash & Vaudeville, 7th Street]

Back on Monday, EVG contributor Stacie Joy shared a sampling of the East Village businesses that were back open for curbside sales as part of the blessed Phase 1.

In this sequel post, Stacie shares a few more of the retail operations up and running again (and yes — several businesses here had been open previously, including Sunny & Annie's and Book Club)...

[Sunny's Florist, 6th Street]

[Downtown Yarns, Avenue A]

[Limited to One, 10th Street]

[Bali Kitchen, 4th Street]

[The Juicy Lucy kiosk, 1st Street]

[East Village Acupuncture, 2nd Street]

[Sunny & Annie's, Avenue B]

[Book Club Bar, 3rd Street]

[VorteXity Books, Avenue A]

[Red Gate Bakery, 1st Street]

[Kolkata Chai Co., 3rd Street]

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Anonymous said...

Happy to see Bali Kitchen has returned!

LPIFLY said...

I LOVE these posts.

RON L said...

So happy Jen is back SELLING books on ave A

Dbn said...

Come on EV we’ve got this!!!❤️❤️

Anonymous said...

Did you all noticed the gazillion Uhaul trucks this weekend, evacuating millennials back home?