Friday, June 26, 2020

About Book Swap Saturday on 10th Street

While the Tompkins Square Library branch on 10th Street may be temporarily closed, you still have a chance to fetch some books from the sidewalk outside.

Some East Village residents started a free book swap last Saturday outside the branch between Avenue A and Avenue B. They plan on doing it again tomorrow (Saturday!) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (To be clear, the library isn't involved in this swap.)

Via the EVG inbox:

Let's share our used books to help us get through this pandemic together. Leave some and take others.

Thanks for making the last one such a wonderful success. There were so many donations that East Villagers were still browsing books into the next day — late Sunday afternoon!


Anonymous said...

How long am I legally responsible for library material if they won't accept it back?

Anonymous said...

If you check your online NYPL acct you'll see that you have until Sept or later to return check outs. Also, limited branch openings in July, downtown just Epiphany on E 23 St for current info. Please do not discard your checkouts!

Eden Bee said...

I love the bookswap idea and went to the first one. Hope it grows and grows.

Anonymous said...

hope the weather holds!

Kevin Farley said...

Sundays are the 'raindate'.

Anonymous said...

Will this be happening again? I love this idea.

Kevin Farley said...

Book Swap Saturday PHOTOS

Kevin Farley said...

Yes !
...its happening every Saturday,
until the NYPL re-opens.

Kevin Farley said...

...its for EVERY Saturday,
and on the steps of EVERY neighborhood library,
...until the NYPL re-opens !??

Please help spread the word.
Reading is a survival tactic!