Sunday, November 1, 2020

Week in Grieview

Posts from this past week include...(and the top photo is on 10th Street yesterday morning) ... 

• RIP Kid Lucky (Wednesday

• Report: 15 year old charged in October shooting death on Avenue A (Monday

• A Visit to the East Village Community Fridge and Food Pantry (Monday

• Report: Officer in violent arrest on Avenue D resigns ahead of departmental trial (Thursday

• A visit to The Baroness (Tuesday

• Astor Place Hairstylists is closing after 73 years in business (Sunday

• A Visit with Michelle Joni and Glinda the Good Bus (Friday)

• The Bean is returning to its former home on 2nd Avenue (Friday

• After Dinosaur Hill: The March Hare is a new toy store coming to 9th Street (Thursday

• A return to the Avenue B flea (Sunday) 

• At the 30th annual (and 1st virtual) Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade (Monday

• This week's NY See panel (Thursday)

• Nón Lá bringing Vietnamese cuisine to 4th Street (Monday

• Waygu spot J-Spec taking over Jewel Bako space on 5th Street (Thursday

• "Songs" of the fall season as it's diorama time at the 9th Street Community Garden & Park (Wednesday

• 90 E. 10th St. is for rent, bringing an official end to the stand-up steakhouse phase (Tuesday)

• Construction watch: 180 2nd Ave. (Wednesday

• Signage arrives for E7 Deli & Cafe on First Avenue and 7th Street (Wednesday

... and we hope that these were promptly delivered ... photo on Avenue A via Lola Sáenz...
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Anonymous said...

Just waiting to see if the X'mas tree merchant from Canada will be selling his trees and accessories around the corner of 14th St and 1st Ave, post Thanksgiving or Black Friday. The guy who speaks in a dirty French because he's from Quebec.

Anonymous said...

Can you pleae write an article about how terribly these open streets have been implemented? I am starting to think of moving for the first time in 15 years because my corner has become fucking Bourbon st every weekend so i can't relax after working all week. I'm at my wits end. Theya allowed poco to close down the entire block and it's just constant noise between them, the illegal dj parties by the empanadaa space, the hairy lemon sports bar with tvs outside, etc. Please shine some light on our frustrations.

Anonymous said...

Hate to break the bad news that the pandemic has put a dent on the East Village and NYC as being less desirable.

The cool and hip factor belongs outside of the city now. Scenic towns and small cities are now seeing a surge of city residents who could afford the journey and taste a NYC vibe in the countryside. Even young adults in their 20s who get to witness these small and quaint towns are sold on the idea that these places offer a slice of NYC cool and it is safer from the virus. They can always travel to NYC occasionally and don't need to be in Manhattan or Brooklyn everyday.

Anonymous said...

Small towns have a lot of charm and some are hip but it’s laughable to think that a small town can replicate a big city like NYC. Also many of those small towns are currently suffering from the virus more than the city.

Please go move there if that’s the lifestyle you prefer but NYC will continue to be cool and hip. My theory based on a lot of the comments here is that folks have lost touch with that.

Anonymous said...

THIS! It's a block party every night. Never mind trying to relax, I can't even walk down my own block trying to get home without bobbing and weaving through crowds of people just standing around hanging out. How is this being safe?!? There are no large gatherings for a reason, yet this is allowed.

Anonymous said...

Never said small towns are replicating NYC, but some of them do offer a slice of NYC. And not all small towns are created equal just like not all big cities are created equal. Some of them are suffering more from the virus than others. Demographics (education, income, poverty level, etc) is an important factor.

Young people don't need to be in Manhattan all the time when the city is under a lockdown from a pandemic. The smarter ones and those with the privilege split their time between the city and the small towns.

Besides, what does paying more than $2K in rent in Manhattan takes you under a pandemic? A lot of urban grittiness with trash piling up and businesses shuttered.