Tuesday, February 23, 2021

East Village Neighbors offering help scheduling COVID-19 vaccination appointments

There have been published reports across the country on the difficulties some residents — especially seniors without computer skills and non-English speakers — have had in trying to schedule COVID-19 vaccination appointments. 

Now, members of the East Village Neighbors Community Group are lending a hand locally ... volunteering to help eligible residents navigate the appointment websites and sign up for their vaccinations. 
East Village Neighbors are also offering assistance for Chinese speakers.

For help, you may:
• Call — (508) 614-9704
• Visit — https://rb.gy/32lqpp
• Email — evvax2021@gmail.com

(A disclaimer from the group: They are not affiliated with any health-care institution, nor can they answer any health-related questions.)

East Village Neighbors — a group of local volunteers — formed at the onset of the pandemic last March. They helped establish the East Village Neighbors Fridge outside S'MAC on First Avenue and 12th Street.


Anonymous said...

This is such a great service to our neighbors. There is so much confusion about who can get vaccinated, and where.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful.
Thank you volunteers!

afbp said...

AND---people want to leave NYC---NEVER :)

marjorie said...

So heartening!! Thank you, sweet neighbors!

Elizabeth K said...

If you are interested in helping with this effort please email evvax2021@gmail.com. We need people to answer the phone (4-5 hour shifts) and people who can help schedule (flexible). All volunteering can be done remotely.