Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Novum EV comes into full view

The sidewalk bridge and scaffolding recently came down at the new 7-floor residential complex with 20 units — known as Novum EV —  at 238 E. Third St. between Avenue B and Avenue C. (Thanks to Stacie Joy for the photo!)

Sales are still pending for the 1- and 2-bedroom units (and penthouse). Noted amenities on the plywood signage include a fitness studio and wet bar, outdoor recreation area, cold storage and triple glass exterior windows.

Landlord Vinbaytel Property Development is behind several other East Village condos in recent years, including at 227 E. Seventh St., 67 Avenue C and 26 Avenue B.

Workers demolished the previous building on the lot, a two-level structure once owned by the Blue Man Group, in the summer of 2019. 

Novum EV is situated between the historic Nuyorican Poets Cafe and the great Rossy's Bakery & Café ... and across the street from the trouble-plagued Mariana Bracetti Plaza.

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Anonymous said...

Holy cow, that went up fast. So what's the deal with all the other construction in the neighborhood that goes on for years?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a birth control med

Stacie J. said...

Hey anonymous at 9:09 am, I thought so too! Like an IUD that comes with a string of unwanted potential side effects. Say NO to Ovum.

sophocles said...

I confused it with the cult group Nxivm.