Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Lights on! Panna II expands into the former Milon space on 1st Avenue

As we first reported, Panna II was expected to take over the former Milon space at 93 First Ave. at Sixth Street.

That transition happened fairly quickly for the longtime Indian restaurant ... as Panna II reopened in both upstairs spaces this past Friday with the return of indoor dining at 25 percent. (Top photo from last night.)

Here's a look early Saturday evening inside Panna II via EVG contributor Stacie Joy ...   
... and next door — the Christmas and chile-pepper lights still burn brightly inside the former Milon...
For now, the Milon signage remains outside, which has caused some confusion... though you'll know by the lack of dueling hosts out front trying to one-up each other about which place is a better dining spot.

Milon, the Indian-Bangladeshi restaurant that first opened here in 1982 never reopened after the PAUSE of March 2020.

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